Butterscotch Notti Toffee in Pail

    The Butterscotch Notti Toffee is a butter crunch toffee with pecan bits covered in butterscotch chocolate. Our signature clear paint pail holds a generous pound of toffee. All of our toffees are preservative free and hand made. The butterscotch pecan toffee is also gluten free.


    Dark Chocolate Coffee Notti Toffee 1 LB

    Our Dark Chocolate Coffee Notti Toffee is so very Notti. Dark chocolate coffee toffee with pecan bits covered with a dusting of fresh ground coffee beans– very decadent and sophisticated. It is hard to resist. Our clear packaging trimmed in purple and gold helps make this the perfect gift.


    White Chocolate Pecan Notti Toffee in 1 Pound Box

    Our white chocolate toffee is for those especially Notti people and you know who you are! Scrumptious white chocolate with crunchy bits of pretzel. A little sweet, a little salty … just perfect. Cute little clear, square box with logo.


    Notti Toffee Peppermint Large Double Stack – Holiday Gift

    Our Notti Toffee Peppermint Large Double Stack packs 2 pounds of your favorite Holiday Toffee in one gift. The Peppermint Double Stack contains a 1 pound box of Dark Chocolate Peppermint Notti Toffee (nuts or pretzel – you choose at checkout) and a 1 pound box of White Chocolate Peppermint Notti Toffee (nut or pretzel- you choose at checkout). This is a perfect family, colleague or office gift!


    Notti Toffee 6-Pack

    Our Notti Toffee 6 Pack contains 6 1/2 pound boxes that can be filled with any of our Notti Products. Combine: Dark Chocolate Toffee; White Chocolate Toffee; Butterscotch Toffee; Dark Chocolate Coffee Toffee; Notti Mommy High Heel Sugar Cookies; Notti Cheese Wafers.

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    Notti 1lb Double Stack

    Our Notti Double Stack 1/2 Pound Treat Boxes let you mix and match your favorite Notti Treats. Each box of toffee weighs a half pound. Double stack total weight is 1 pound.

  • Coffee-Toffee-in-our-Signature-Paint-Pail

    Notti Coffee Toffee in Signature Paint Pail

    The Signature Paint Pail holds a gracious pound of our Notti Coffee Toffee. Notti Coffee Toffee is a dark chocolate pecan butter crunch toffee covered with fresh ground coffee beans. Made with all natural ingredients and absolutely no preservatives.

    Size: 4″”x6″”

    Weight: Approx. 1 plus pound

  • nottitoffeeplaingiftcrate576

    Notti 1lb Gift Crate

    Choose your favorite Notti Treat and send it in our stylish Notti wood crate.

  • bigandnotti

    Big and Notti Large 3 lb Paint Pail

    Our Big & Notti Paint Pail is perfect for bigger groups or for those who like things Big & Notti!  We like that!

  • pretz

    Notti Giant Pretzels

    Includes two pretzels dipped in caramel, swirled with white and dark chocolate and rolled in toffee bits.

  • Dark-Chocolate-Pretzel-4x4

    Dark Chocolate Toffee with Pretzels in a 1 Pound Box

    You know this is Notti — but worth it! Dark chocolate toffee with crisp pretzels. What a combination — a little sweet, a little salty. Just right. Our sassy little clear square box is just the right size for a gift.


    Butterscotch Pecan Notti Toffee 1LB Box

    Now this is oh so Notti! Mouthwatering butterscotch toffee with chopped pecans packaged in a sassy little clear square box with the Notti logo. Just the right amount for a housewarming gift or present for a business associate or friend.


    Dark Chocolate Pecan Notti Toffee -1 Pound Box

    Ready for something really Notti? Try this scrumptuous dark chocolate toffee with chopped pecans sold in a charming clear square box. Perfect for hostess gifts, friend’s birthdays and even for yourself.

  • Dark-Chocolate-Nuts-pail3

    Dark Chocolate Toffee with Nuts in our Signature Paint Pail

    This is our signature toffee and so very Notti. Dark chocolate toffee with pecan bits — very chocolately and hard to resist. The pecans give it a salty little snap that makes it dreamy and delicious. Come smartly packaged in our clear paint pail…

  • White-Chocolate-Nuts-pail

    White Chocolate Toffee With Pretzels in our Signature Paint Pail

    This is a very popular item for us and oh so Notti! This is handmade, incredible toffee with white chocolate and bits of crisp pretzels. All of our toffee is made in the mountains of North Carolina with simple, wholesome (but Notti!) ingredients….


    Dark Chocolate Peppermint Toffee

    Just for the holidays! Our dark chocolate peppermint toffee is a holiday treat! Perfect for hostess gifts, gifts for friends and even for yourself.


    Notti Toffee 1/2 Pound Box

    The Notti Toffee 1/2 Pound Box can be filled with any of our Notti Products: Dark Chocolate Toffee (pretzels or nuts); Butterscotch Toffee (pretzels or nuts); White Chocolate Toffee (with pretzels or nuts); Dark Chocolate Toffee with Fresh Ground Coffee Bean (with pretzels or nuts); Notti Cheese wafers (regular or gluten free); Notti Cookies (Notti Boys miniature gingerbread men; Notti Angels miniature gingerbread angel cookies; Notti Hearts sugar cookies; Notti Bunny sugar cookies Notti Mommy sugar cookies; Notti Daddy sugar cookies; Notti Boo sugar cookies and Notti Cookies which are flower shaped.) Each 1/2 pound treat box measures 2″ tall 3″deep and 4″ wide. Toffee will weigh 1/2 pound. The cookies and cheese wafers may weigh less than 1/2 pound.

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    Notti Toffee Large Gift Crate

    Our Deluxe Custom Gift Crate is packed with a delicious array of Notti treats and comes beautifully packaged in our handmade wooden crate.